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The World Scout Moot

July 25 to 4 August 2025 in Portugal

About the Moot

The 17th World Scout Moot will be held at the Buçaquinho Regional Scout Centre outside of Porto, Portugal. It is an event for youth aged 18-26. Participants will get to explore the incredible views of the Portuguese countryside, before returning to the campsite, where they will get to participate in awesome adventures and activities. All Canadian Rovers who will be between 18 and 26 are able to attend as long as they are registered in Scouts Canada or l'Association des scouts du Canada.

Some More Information

The Paths

The Paths program is one where participants and path leaders will participate in activities ranging from hiking in the mountains, to touring historical places, to anything in between. Rovers get to choose which Path they want to follow

Community Service

Part of the Moot experience is giving back to the community. During the event, participants will help to complete a service project in a local community and try to replicate it back home. This is all part of the Rover motto internationally: "Service"

Meet new Friends

The best part about the Moot is getting to meet Scouts from all over the world! As part of the moot each Patrol will have one or two people from each country, so you'll get to know lost of different people, and make lifelong friendships along the way!

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