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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information? Have some questions? Take a look below, and if you dont find what you need, send us a message!

General Information:

What is a World Scout Moot?

The World Scout Moot (WSM) is an event for senior youth from all over the world to get together and make friends, experience awesome adventures and give back to local communities. All scouting youth between the ages of 18 and 25 are invited to attend the event, and it is sure to be an excellent way to meet new people, travel through Portugal, and have a great time!

Where is the Moot being held?

The 17th World Scout Moot is being held at the Buçaquinho Regional Scout Centre, but many of the events happen offsite. Which means that participants will get to visit incredible places throughout Portugal and the Porto Region.

I'm going to be too old to go as a participant. Can I still attend?

Absolutely! If you don't want to miss out on the fun, you can sign up to be a member of the International Service Team (IST). You'll still be part of the awesome Canadian Contingent, but you'll spend your time at the moot helping out, and hopefully have a load of fun as well!

What's the theme of the Moot?

The theme of the Moot is "Engage." The Portuguese National Scout Organization chose this theme to encourage Rovers from all over the world to plan and execute a community-based project, while having fun, so that the community can benefit from the Scouting Movement as much as we have.

I don't speak Portuguese, do I need to learn before going?

No need to learn a new language! Plenty of people from around the world will speak English or French (or both) at the Moot! If you would like to learn though, you can join Scouts Canada's Ethan in their journey to learn a bit of the language in time for the event

Registration Information:

How much does it cost?

There are various prices for the event. You can take a look at our "About" Page for details on the cost of the event. On average, for a participant, about $2000.

What are the deadlines for registration?

Deadlines for registrations vary, but the earlier you register, the less you pay. 

Find more information on our registration page.

Is there a fee to be in the contingent?

Yes. This fee allows for the Contingent Team to ensure that we provide an awesome program for you, like a pre-camp, building some awesome merch kits, and making sure we all get to the moot.

Will travel be included in the cost?

No. You will need to organize your own travel to and from the Moot. We will be starting the Moot in Lisbon and ending in Porto.

Travel Information:

What airport should I fly out of? 

Most airports in Canada have flights that connect to one of the Portuguese airports, but direct flights are most common from Toronto (Pearson International Airport) and Montreal (Montreal International Airport)

Where should I fly to?

Our suggestion is to fly to either Porto or Lisbon. The Opening Ceremonies will be held in Lisbon, so this may be easier for your arrival. Remember, the Moot ends in Porto, so consider how you will travel between the two cities.

How do I travel between cities?

Europe is home to a fast, cheap, and reliable train system. The train system in Portugal is run by the Comboios de Portugal, and you can book travel through their website.

Can I travel before or after the Moot?

Absolutely! When you're in Europe, it is a great chance to visit multiple cities and countries. Our suggestion for getting around Europe is RyanAir or EasyJet, both of which offer discounted flight tickets out of Lisbon and Porto Airports. 

Do I need a visa? 

You do not need a visa to enter the Schengen States in the European Union (which includes Portugal). However, this is only if you are a permanent resident of Canada, or have a Canadian passport. Please check all relevant sources before booking your travel.

I'm planning on travelling after the closing ceremonies, can I stay on the Moot site for the evening of August 5th?

Yes, but please contact David or Ethan to inform them of your intention to stay one night longer. There may be s.additional cost for thi

Wen I'm travelling in Europe, what accomodations should I use?

Based on your comfortability, there are several options. All major cities and some smaller towns or villages have AirBnB, which can be great for a group travelling together. We suggest, however, that you check out hostels, as they are often the cheapest option and provide a unique travelling experience.

Kit and Packing Information:

What equipment should I bring with me?

The Contingent is not providing tents, sleeping pads, or sleeping bags. We suggest that you pack your own. Remember that if you have tent stakes in your kit, they must go into checked luggage, otherwise they will be confiscated. If there are issues along the way, contact a member of the CMT.

Do I need a stove?

DO NOT BRING A STOVE. If it is needed, the host country will provide all cooking utensils.

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